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Birdview 'Times square'

From the infinitely big to the infinitely small ... The whole thing is to find its place. This work puts gigantism back in the heart of a Shakespirean metaphor ... Who are we?

Among the gigantism that we have even erected, do we still have our place? Did not the creation take the place of its creator? Are we a spectator of our megalomania?


Each element of this sculpture is only a vague form that taken separately would look like nothing. And yet, assembled ... They are sources of infinite evocation ... As material as subliminal ... A gushing, an explosion? The protective cell or the destructive virus? Matter and form are erased from the intention.


And we do not even know why we stay there ... Faced with this work, irresistibly attracted ... to do more than one with pure energy.

Artist : Frédéric Daty

Size : 167 x 110 x 16 cm

Year : 2019

Birdview 'Timesquare' - Daty
Birdview 'Timesquare' - Daty
Birdview 'Timesquare' - Daty
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