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With primary materials, street elements - metal, tar, rust, sand, spray paint - and stylized, forms stripped of the overflowing of images that floods us and knocks us, Daty requalify the environment and creates ' high reliefs ' of steel and shadows by playing with light and three dimensions to recreate an anamorphic world, to the altered and lyrical reality.
Invoking the surrealist world of Hieronymus Bosch, the symbolism of Gustave Moreau or the engravings of Gustave Doré, drinking from the illustrators of heroic-fantasy and science fiction (Moebius, Jodorowsky), fascinated by the light effects of the shadow theater Chinese PiYing, the kinetic art of Tinguely or Shun Ito and playing with perspectives in the manner of an Escher or modern 3D shooting techniques, it plunges us into a world of bubble cities, cities and towns. roots, from Birdviews where our reality is stylized, distorted, emptied of everything that makes life.
Then only the skeleton of steel springing from the wall and the light playing with the forms and recreating life.The result is a force of narration, a magnetism where the spectator is surprised to try to fill the voids, feels absorbed by the energy released, driven by the movement, the adhesion or the rejection. He rewrites the world, his world.
Sasha de Jonquiere
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