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Paris - 'La Défense' - Financial district

Real city of glass and steel, the business district of Paris stands like an Atlantis resurfacing water in the middle of the harmonious Parisian landscape. A true jewel in the quest for elusive perspectives, grandiose anamorphoses and plays of lights and shadows.


The metal comes to reveal in this work the skeleton of this bubble of intense life. The frenetic life is here suggested by the movement given by the vanishing lines. the points converge towards the center of the work and the gaze is invariably attracted.


From this mass of graphic lines, the gaze finally frees itself in the heart of this square of emptiness ... materialized by the mythical 'Arch', to give us to see further, imagine and dream ...

Pieces of raw steel, oxidized, sanded and assembled at a distance from each other to form a sculpture in volume, in high relief, hanging a few inches from the wall with a simple hook.

Artist : Frédéric Daty

Size : 167 x 125 x 18 cm

Year : 2019

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