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Paris - Montmartre hill

Image of a totally irrational love, completely inconsiderate, deliciously unthinking ... Having dragged his gaiters along each of these pavers. 40 years. Have laughed, cried, been moved and bored beyond everything. Could I give my skeleton matter the intensity of feelings that I have never tried to master?



Straightness and sinuosity, just like my personality. Montmartre, a little world neither ugly nor beautiful, touching like the errors of our soul.


That day, in this little street, I put down my sketchbook, and wrote softly in gray pencil the name of all those whom I loved, whom I love and will love forever, on the cobblestones. ..


Free in the meanders of these shadows of time that guide my steps always at the top of the hill ... But it may be the subject of another work.

Pieces of raw steel, oxidized, sanded and assembled at a distance from each other to form a sculpture in volume, in high relief, hanging a few inches from the wall with a simple hook.

Artist : Frédéric DATY

Size : 119 cm x 136 cm x 26 cm

Year : 2019

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