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Manhattan Portrait #1

That night, I was sitting in front of this view, in my hotel room ... And I could not imagine that the reality could have so far exceeded my wildest fantasies. The lines of force, the pure energy, the symmetry in anarchy, the opposition of fullness and emptiness, the opposite dimensions ...


It only remained for me to take my pencil and for once ... a rare time ... to not try to get away from it anymore. This sculpture was born ... an anamorphic perspective view of southern Manhattan with Broadway and 5th Avenue surrounded by skyscrapers including the One World Trade Center, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, etc.

Everything was there, but I knew that watching it with such intensity would stick my mark in this universe. My tiny contribution to the history of humanity on the move.

Pieces of raw steel, oxidized, sanded and assembled at a distance from each other to form a sculpture in volume, in high relief, hanging a few inches from the wall with a simple hook.

Artist : Frédéric Daty

Size : 185 x 87 x 14 cm

Year : 2019

Manhattan Portrait - Daty
Manhattan Portrait - Daty
Manhattan Portrait - Daty
Manhattan Portrait - Daty
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