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‘Dubaï - financial center' Portrait #1 (Sheikh Zayek Road)

Do we have be aware to be able to love? Must we understand in order to feel? I like to push my limits and transcribe the indescribable ... From the sand will born the most sparkling glass.

You need monuments in the cities of Humans, otherwise where would the difference be between the city and the anthill? (Victor Hugo)

Then from this road, these metal fingers pointing to the sky, we can launch ourselves to our laborious dailies with the consciousness of being part of a whole.

Portrait of the financial district of Dubai. The Financial Center Station on the Sheikh Zayek Road surrounded by skyscrapers: The Trade Center One, Al Hawai Tower, Rotana Towers, Emirates Tower, 21st Century Tower, Rose Tower and the incredible Burj Khalifa in the background .

Pieces of raw steel, oxidized, sanded and assembled at a distance from each other to form a sculpture in volume, in high relief, hanging a few inches from the wall with a simple hook.

Artist : Frédéric DATY

Size : 119 cm x 136 cm x 26 cm

Year : 2019

Dubai 01 - Daty
Dubai 01 - Daty
Dubai 01 - Daty
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