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TimesSquare... Time is energy !

From the infinitely large to the infinitely small... It's about finding your place. This work plunges gigantism back into the heart of a Shakespearean metaphor...

Who are we?

​ Among the gigantism that we have even erected, do we still have our place? Hasn't creation taken the place of its creator? Are we spectators of our megalomania? ​

Each element of this sculpture is just a vague form that, taken separately, would look like nothing. And yet, assembled... These are sources of infinite evocations... As material as subliminal... A spark, an explosion? The protective cell or the destructive virus? Matter and form are erased from the intention. ​

And we don't even know why we stay there... Faced with this work, irresistibly attracted... Like when you are in the center of this Time Square, attracted like flies by the light of the screens, the slender shapes and the crowd.



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